Winter Training Tips To Keep You On Track

“I can’t wait to get up at 5:30 am when it’s pouring with rain and hit the gym,” said no-one. Ever. So, how do you get through winter with your training routine intact? Simple. By sticking to these five strategies, and reminding yourself that bikini weather will be here before you know it!

1. Find a training partner
Some things in life are just better together: tea and scones, fish and chips, Ben and Jerry, and you guessed it, winter and a workout buddy. Why? Because training with a friend means there’s always someone to keep you accountable (would you really hit the snooze button when you know there’s someone waiting for you?). Because nothing makes you push yourself quite like a bit of healthy competition. Because you can support each other on the way to achieving your goals and, best of all, because you can celebrate together when you smash them!

2. Get the right gear
If your winter workout wardrobe is a little light on long sleeves and warm jackets, set a budget and get the essentials. Having the right apparel for winter goes a long way towards keeping you motivated, confident and most importantly, warm.

3. Set some goals
One of the best ways to stay on track during winter is to set yourself a mid- or end-of-season goal. Maybe there’s a marathon you’ve been thinking about running? Or you’re keen to attempt an ocean swim come summer? Whatever you’d like to work towards, commit to it at the start of the season and give yourself a reason to keep going come rain, hail, sleet or storm.

4. Create a playlist
These days, there are playlists for just about everything: lunch dates, dinner parties, sunny days, rainy days, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons… So, why not a winter workout playlist? Select 10–15 of your favourite tunes – preferably upbeat ones that will keep you motivated and inspired – and kick start your new playlist with the best one of all. Then, throw in a few chilled tracks near the end to get you through your cool down. And if you’re still struggling to find your rhythm, hop onto Google Play or Apple Music and pick one of their playlists instead.

5. Hire a personal trainer
There are lots of great reasons to get a personal trainer (and even more during winter) as Elixr’s Andy Pedashenko explains here. In short, training with an experienced professional is your ticket to staying on track, achieving your goals, getting stronger, moving faster, looking better, and feeling happier. Ready to get started?