Winter Workout Strategies

Staying motivated to exercise when it’s cold and rainy doesn’t have to be a challenge. These simple tips will help you keep your fitness journey on track, whatever the weather.

1. Take a class
If you find that you regularly cancel your gym plans at the last minute, consider signing up for an exercise class. It may feel like more of a commitment and give you the extra incentive you need – plus, it’s motivating to work out in a fun and social group environment. Check out our timetable for our full list of classes, from Pilates and yoga to Real Fitness Kickboxing (RFK).

2. Stay warm
Your summer workout wear isn’t going to cut it when the temperature drops, so make sure you have the gear you need to feel warm, comfortable and confident when you head out to the gym, while you’re working out, and when you go home again.

3. Find a workout buddy
Inject some fun into your exercise routine by getting a friend to work out with you. It’s a win/win – you’ll get to enjoy some (active) social time together and be there to support, motivate and encourage each other on your fitness journeys.

4. Be flexible
If your usual 6am workout just isn’t working for you in winter, try another time that might suit you better – whether that’s taking a class during your lunch break or heading to the gym to destress after work. Do what works for you – and mix up your exercise routine if needs be, to keep it feeling fun and fresh rather than a chore. And remember that Elixr has over 350 classes per week, so you’re sure to find one to fit your schedule.

5. Challenge yourself
If your exercise routine is starting to feel like the same old same old, why not challenge yourself in a new way? Book a session with an Elixr programmer and they’ll tailor a program around your needs (whether you want to improve your strength, lose weight or work on your flexibility) and get you on track to achieving your goals. These programs are available to all Elixr members free of charge every 12 weeks, so start your challenge and set up an appointment today.

6. Get enough sleep
You’ll be much less motivated to exercise if you’re feeling tired, irritable and run down – so give yourself the best chance of success by getting enough sleep each night. While sleep needs may vary, the Sleep Health Foundation recommends that adults get about seven to nine hours per night.

Tips for better sleep: Avoid caffeine in the evenings, wind down with some gentle yoga poses or breathing exercises, and try to get to bed at the same time each night.

7. Set some new goals
Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re finding it tougher to motivate yourself in winter. Instead, why not set yourself some new (and achievable) goals – whether that’s setting up a regular appointment with a personal trainer or committing to a certain number of classes per week? And don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you reach your targets.

8. Make a playlist
Music is a great motivator, so put together a winter workout playlist that’s guaranteed to get you moving. Start it up on your way to your workout, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.