Chew on it – Meditation

The benefits of meditation have been well documented. They include stress reduction, enhanced focus and emotional wellbeing, and a strengthened immune system. My son Dennan is an avid practitioner and meditates for over an hour at a time. He has been encouraging me to meditate for years, and his persistence has paid off.

Dennan introduced me to the Waking Up app by Sam Harris. Coincidentally, I had already been listening to Sam on YouTube, as I relate to his opinions on religion. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been meditating diligently for 10-12 minutes every morning. I was initially quite sceptical about the benefits, but lately, I’ve experienced them firsthand. For one, I wanted to begin writing a book about my life experiences but was procrastinating for years. It’s only since mediating that I’ve been able to sit down and begin writing.

Impressed by the benefits of meditation, I contacted Waking Up and we’re now providing Elixr members with a free trial and discounted subscription.

Meditating with the app combined with your activities at Elixr can make a very positive impact on your life…

Enjoy a Free Month Trial to get you started. If you enjoy the app and you’d like to subscribe, enjoy this exclusive discount.