With over 250 classes a week to choose from, we cater to all levels of fitness so you can achieve your health and fitness goals. Our expert instructors will always prioritise your safety while guiding you, to achieve positive results. Try a group class today and discover how they are as challenging, as they are fun.



Discover the benefits of Elixr Pilates for an interactive and challenging workout. Our six varieties of Reformer and Mat Pilates classes provide a safe and challenging way to strengthen your core, tone muscles, and enhance balance and posture. Led by top graduates from the Elixr School of Pilates, our instructors bring over 20 years of scientific design and development to each class. Experience the enthusiasm and expertise that fuels our team’s passion to help you achieve your goals.


Explore the diverse and unique world of yoga at Elixr, where we offer nine unique styles to cater to all levels. Discover improved coordination, posture, and overall well-being for your mind, body, and spirit. Our dedicated and passionate world-class teachers bring years of expertise and wisdom to your yoga journey. Experience the transformative power of yoga in the serene environment of our studios.


Elevate your fitness regime with our dynamic group exercise classes at Elixr. Improve your cardiovascular fitness through a diverse range of cardio and weights-based classes, including Real Fitness Kickboxing, AIR HIIT, Barre, Power, Spin, Dance Fusion, and more. Our classes are designed to leave you feeling energised and alive, led by our highly skilled, world-class instructors.


Dive into Aqua, our aquatic fitness program emphasising aerobic exercise in the water. Enjoy a blend of aerobic endurance, resistance training, and a lively atmosphere accompanied by music. The water provides a safer environment for joints and allows controlled movement, making it a fun and secure workout suitable for all fitness levels. Join us for a refreshing and inclusive aquatic exercise experience.

Personal Training

Put yourself firmly on track to achieving your goals with individual sessions with an Elixr trainer. They will assess your needs, help you set targets, develop a personalised program and inspire you to achieve the health and fitness results you want.


Enhance your swimming skills with personalised attention from our qualified swim coaches. Our adult private swim sessions, available in either one-on-one or one-on-two formats, are tailored to your specific requirements. In just 30 minutes, our coaches can help you improve your stroke and swimming technique, regardless of your skill level. Add variety to your workouts and make a splash with a customised private swim lesson!