Dive into tranquility in our 25-metre heated magnesium mineral pool – a truly nourishing experience for mind and body. Immerse yourself in the myriad benefits of magnesium as it enhances sleep, alleviates muscle pain, and naturally nurtures your skin. Exercising in this aquatic haven provides an exceptional opportunity for your body to absorb this vital mineral.


A cardiovascular endurance class set in water that provides a controlled environment for your movements that is also good for your joints. Harnessing the benefits of aquatic endurance and resistance training, this class guarantees a fantastic workout. Our dynamic Aqua instructor team curates a lively atmosphere complemented by upbeat music, ensuring you not only stay fit but also have a blast while doing so!

With the water temperature maintained at a balmy 30 degrees, your comfort is our priority. Aqua is a versatile workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels.


Enjoy swimming laps in our 25-metre heated magnesium mineral pool. The shallow end measures 1.16 meters and the deep end goes down to 1.36 meters, so no diving, please!

We are committed to keeping our pool clean and manually checking the water six times a day, alongside regular independent water testing from a laboratory. Our pool is equipped with state-of-the-art filtration and disinfection systems (salt/magnesium generated chlorine plus a UV system to clean bugs chlorine cannot) which monitor chlorine/PH/temperature levels by the second and adjust chemical dosing as required daily.


  • Shower Before Entry: Please shower before entering the pool.
  • Appropriate Attire: Swim caps and suitable swimwear are mandatory.
  • Lane Speed Designations:
    • Slow Lane: Laps slower than 60 seconds
    • Fast Lane: Laps faster than 45 seconds
  • Maintain Distance: Ensure space between yourself and the swimmer ahead.
  • Start with a Gap: Begin your lap with at least a half-lane headstart.
  • Lane Usage for Exercises: If walking or doing exercises, stick to the first slow lane (closest to the gym).
  • Stay Left, Overtake Right: Keep to the left of the lane unless overtaking. Overtake on the right only if that side is clear.
  • Avoid Mid-Lap Stops: Try to refrain from stopping in the middle of your lap.
  • Respect All: Be respectful to fellow aqua members, swimmers, and Elixr staff.

1 on 1 Adult Swim Lessons

Our qualified swim coaches are available for private sessions, which focus on your specific requirements regardless of skill level. The 30-minute classes are either one-on-one or one-on-two.


Swim School for Kids

Elixr Swim School is committed to teaching people of all ages, fitness levels and experience to swim. And whether you’re exploring our Learn to Swim program for babies and toddlers, or squad training, our team of qualified swim instructors is there to teach tried and tested programs that emphasise confidence, individual progression and above all, safety.