Pool Rules and Swim Etiquette


Booking Rules:
  • All swim sessions and aqua classes must be booked.
  • Swimmers may only swim in their booked times. If you’re early, you need to wait for your session and if you’re late you still need to finish at the end of your booked session.
  • If you are attending Aqua, please do not enter the pool before the class starts and please leave as soon as the class has finished.
  • If you cannot book the time you’re looking for, it means the pool is fully booked.
Pool Etiquette:
  • Please shower before you enter the pool.
  • Swimming caps and appropriate swimwear must be worn.
  • Please be respectful to other aqua members, swimmers and Elixr staff.
  • The pool is a shared space and members may not reserve their own place/spot in the pool.
  • These timings are used as a general guide to determine which lanes you should swim in:
    SLOW LANE: laps slower than 60 seconds
    FAST LANE: laps faster than 45 seconds.
  • Make sure that you allow space between yourself and the swimmer in front of you. Try and give swimmers at least a half-lane headstart before you begin your lap.
  • If you are walking or doing exercises in the lane, please stay in the first slow lane (closest to the club). Please be sensible about where in the lane you place yourself, and do not get in the way of lap swimmers.
  • Just like driving a car, please stay to the left of the lane unless overtaking. When overtaking someone, only do so if the right hand side of the lane is free.
  • If you are being passed, ensure that you move to the left and continue swimming.
  • Avoid stopping in the middle of your lap.