Discover your potential with our selection of fitness classes to keep you inspired. Our expert instructors prioritise your safety as they guide you through interactive workouts that are as challenging as they are fun. From Real Fitness Kickboxing and Spin to a range of group exercise workouts, you’ll leave our classes feeling energised and alive.


A.I.R HIIT was designed by our Head of Fitness and is a dynamic full-body workout utilising cutting-edge fitness tech such as Y-bell and Blackroll foam roller. Torch calories, build muscle, enhance cardiovascular endurance, and improve joint mobility!

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Power up with Power, a full-body training session using a barbell and weights to enhance strength endurance and muscle tone. This dynamic strength training method isolates each muscle with high repetitions, inducing muscle fatigue for optimal results. 

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Get your heartrate going with Real Fitness Kickboxing (RFK) – a thrilling class for all fitness levels! Learn and perfect the skills of dynamic punches and kicks in a high-energy, fat-burning kickboxing routine.

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Groove your way to fitness in an electrifying dance experience! Elevate your cardiovascular endurance by moving to the beats of the best hip hop, urban, musical, and pop tunes from past to present. Get ready for loads of fun in this exhilarating workout.

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Elixr Barre is a full-body ballet-inspired workout, with a nod to our 15 year partnership with The Australian Ballet. Designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and balance using ballet exercises with dynamic movement patterns. Suitable for all fitness levels!

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Ignite your fitness journey with this high-energy, dynamic cardio class designed for quick results! Join your instructor on a thrilling ride atop a stationary bike, fueled by an energising playlist. This fun, low-impact class is perfect for all fitness levels.  

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Discover how to safely and precisely release your muscles with the aid of props. This class is your key to restoring balance in your training and indulging your body in a well-deserved stretch. Tailored for all fitness levels, it’s the perfect opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate!

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Step into the rhythm with Lo Move, a low-impact, aerobics-style class delivering both muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance training. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a first-timer, this class is for you!

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Dive into our aqua classes, and experience aerobic endurance and resistance training in the water. The buoyancy of water ensures a joint-friendly workout with enhanced control over your movements. Ideal for all fitness levels, it’s a refreshing and safe way to make a splash in your fitness journey!

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Discover Elixr’s group exercise classes, meticulously designed to elevate your strength and cardiovascular fitness in a safe and effective manner. Our classes enhance the flexibility and endurance cultivated through the transformative practices of Pilates and yoga.

Dive into a diverse range of fitness experiences that cater to all levels, offering a spectrum from low-impact rejuvenation to high-intensity exhilaration. With a lineup of over 40 classes per week, there’s a class suited for every fitness enthusiast. Embark on a journey towards a healthier, stronger you.

Elixr FiTNESS Benefits

Welcome to Elixr fitness, where we specialise in instructing safe and effective exercises and programs grounded in the latest research in exercise science.

  • Enhance Coordination and Balance: Elevate your fitness game with exercises designed to sharpen coordination and improve balance. Discover the joy of moving with precision and grace.
  • Build Strength and Muscle Tone: Unleash the power within as our programs guide you to build strength and sculpt muscle tone. Transform your body and revel in newfound vitality.
  • Boost Cardiovascular Fitness: Ignite your cardiovascular system with workouts that go beyond the surface. Feel the exhilaration as your heart pumps, enhancing endurance and overall fitness.
  • Indulge in Stretch and Recovery: Your body deserves a break! Enjoy dedicated sessions focusing on stretch and recovery, ensuring your muscles are primed for every workout.
  • Inject Fun and Variety: Say goodbye to monotony! Our workouts are not just routines; they’re dynamic, engaging, and filled with fun. Experience the thrill of variety in every session.

the sky’s the limit

Want to improve your cardio endurance, boost overall fitness level, lose weight or get stronger? Are you starting out on your fitness journey, or are you looking to level up your workouts?

Whatever your situation, get on track with your fitness goals with an Elixr Personal Trainer. Our highly skilled trainers will assess your needs, help you set targets, and design a custom program for you that will get you results.


Starting out on your fitness journey or looking to push yourself further? A session with an Elixr programmer will help you focus your workouts and set fitness goals. Whether you want to strengthen and tone, improve your overall fitness, lose weight or work on your flexibility, we’ll design a program around your needs and get you on track to achieving your goals.