A.I.R. HIIT is your shortcut to an effective full-body workout, designed for those who crave maximum results with minimum time commitment. Exclusive to Elixr, this class is a celebration of both fun and efficiency, offering an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

A.I.R. stands for Activation, Integration, Regeneration, representing our holistic approach to fitness. A.I.R. HIIT workouts take you on a thrilling journey with short bursts of heart-pounding exercises, perfectly aligned between intervals of active recovery or blissful rest.

What makes AIR HIIT unique?

  1. Efficient Full-Body Workout: A.I.R. HIIT is your go-to workout for a time-efficient yet effective full-body transformation. Get ready to burn calories, gain muscle, and enhance joint mobility in a fun and engaging atmosphere.
  2. Activation, Integration, Regeneration: A.I.R. stands for Activation, Integration, Regeneration – a holistic approach to fitness. Combine this with High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for a workout that activates, integrates, and regenerates your body, leaving you energised and invigorated.
  3. Unique Props for Full-Body Training: What sets A.I.R. HIIT apart? Our class utilises cutting-edge fitness technology:
    • Y-Bell: Revolutionise your workout with this all-in-one equipment, combining a kettlebell, dumbbell, medicine ball, and push-up grip. Change your grip, change the exercise – it’s that versatile!
    • Blackroll Foam Roller: Elevate your training with the most versatile foam roller, perfect for full-body fascia training, functional exercises, activation, recovery, and self-massage.

The Sky’s The Limit

Want to improve your cardio endurance, boost overall fitness level, lose weight or get stronger? Are you starting out on your fitness journey, or are you looking to level up your workouts?

Whatever your situation, a session with an Elixr Personal Trainer will assess your needs and help you focus your workouts, set fitness goals and design a custom program for you that will get you results.


Starting out on your fitness journey or need a pointer in the right direction? A session with an Elixr programmer will help you focus your workouts and set fitness goals. Whether you want to strengthen and tone, improve your overall fitness, lose weight or work on your flexibility, we’ll design a program around your needs and get you on track to achieving your goals.