The Elixr Pilates Difference

Join us for a transformative Pilates experience, with Elixr Pilates, the best practice for enhancing core strength, toning muscles, and refining balance and posture. Our invigorating mat and Reformer Pilates classes offer a comprehensive and challenging approach to achieving a well-conditioned body. 

Led by top graduates from the Elixr School of Pilates, our instructors deliver scientifically designed classes developed over two decades. Experience a full-body workout that not only strengthens your core and muscles but also enhances posture, balance, and coordination.


Elixr Reformer classes use premium spring-loaded resistance Reformer machines to create a controlled but challenging full body workout in a 45-minute class. Work at your own intensity.

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This Reformer class gives you the option to add Y-Bells, fitness circles and bands to enhance some exercises. Great for an extra challenge and adds variety to your practice.

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Pilates Mat includes functional movements, controlled body weight exercises, and props that condition the body. This class will improve core strength and posture, in a 45 – 60 minute class.

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Suitable for all fitness levels. This reformer class includes a cardio-focused section utilising the jump board. Great for improving bone density, muscle endurance, strength and general coordination.

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Circuit Reformer classes elevate heart rate through exercise intervals 20 – 60 seconds long that increase strength and aerobic fitness and burn calories. While circuit training can be adapted to suit the individual, it is not suitable for beginners.

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Challenge classes are for those with over 6 months of experience in Reformer Pilates and ready to challenge themselves further. It involves advanced exercises with a higher-intensity exercise routine creating a full-body workout.

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The Power of Pilates

Elixr’s sophisticated Pilates classes seamlessly blend the timeless principles of Joseph Pilates with the cutting-edge research of Professor Stuart McGill, a distinguished expert in Spine Biometrics, spine, and posture studies.

Emphasising the mind-body connection, our classes offer an exquisite fusion of support, challenge, and technique, meticulously crafted to elevate your strength, posture, core, and overall well-being.

At the pinnacle of industry excellence, our dedicated team, all esteemed Elixr School of Pilates graduates, sets the gold standard in Pilates instruction. With a commitment to the highest levels of professionalism, they will inspire you with their unique style and a repertoire of diverse exercises, ensuring a truly luxurious and transformative experience.

No matter where you are on your Pilates journey, our instructors are here to nurture your growth with expertise and enthusiasm.


Elixr Pilates, curated by our exceptionally qualified team of instructors, seamlessly integrates the latest findings in exercise science. Immerse yourself in a realm of refined fitness with our meticulously designed classes, delivering:

  • Engaged Full Body Workout: Every session is a symphony of movements that activate and tone your entire body.
  • Improved Core Strength: Ignite the powerhouse within as Elixr Pilates takes your core strength to new heights.
  • Enhanced Posture: Say goodbye to slouching! Our classes are designed to sculpt a posture that exudes confidence.
  • Sculpted and Toned Muscles: Feel the burn as you sculpt and tone, revealing the best version of your muscular self.


Want to perfect your Pilates practice?

Our one-on-one sessions are the perfect way to advance your practice safely and fine-tune your form for even better results. They’re also an excellent choice for rehabilitation, as we work in alongside your health professional on a safe program.


Want to become a Pilates instructor?

Study with us.

With over 20 years of experience teaching comprehensive, scientific and credible Pilates training programs to aspiring teachers and Pilates enthusiasts, Elixr School of Pilates has earned its reputation as Australia’s leading Pilates teacher training establishment.