Restoration Yoga

Restoration Yoga

Experience profound healing with Restorative yoga at Elixr. Through extended poses supported by props such a ropes, bolsters and blocks, this practice induces a deep state of relaxation and aids in the release of muscular tension. The use of props not only physically supports you but enables you to hold passive pose for longer, whether you an experienced yogi or a beginner. Restorative yoga triggers your body’s natural healing mechanisms rooted in the nervous system.

Restoration Difference

This style is perfect to bring rest after an active workout or yoga class. Restoration will support your body to become more passive, bringing you into a state of rest and recovery. By incorporating deep breathing into the practice, this style calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation. Restorative yoga practices are gentle on the joints, and consistent practice can strengthen the connective tissues surrounding the bones and joints

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

You have a passion for yoga and want to deepen your practice. So what’s the next step? A training course designed not only to teach you the asana (poses) but to introduce meditation, pranayama (energy breathing techniques), Bandha (stabilising body locks) and philosophy to help you bring harmony into your life – and into the lives of others.

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1 ON 1 Yoga

Eager to take your yoga even further? Our one-on-one classes are the perfect way to advance your practice safely and fine tune your form for even better results. They’re also an excellent choice for rehabilitation as we work in conjunction with your health professional.