Yoga Wall

Elixr Yoga Wall

This particular yoga style serves as a thrilling and invigorating addition to your usual yoga routine. Through Yoga Wall classes, you’ll delve into the fascinating dynamics of gravity and traction, offering a distinctive approach to enhance your yoga postures and discover fresh variations of familiar asanas. The Yoga Wall system involves securely mounted ropes and attachment points on the wall, enabling you to connect with adjustable straps tailored to suit all heights and body types. This integration opens up endless possibilities for exploring and deepening your yoga practice in a safe and transformative manner.

the yoga wall difference

  • Enhances overall flexibility and joint mobility.
  • Promotes quick recovery.
  • Assists in accessing difficult-to-reach muscle groups during poses.
  • Helps you to gain confidence in your normal yoga poses.
  • Enables deeper standing postures, forward bends, back bends, twists, and inversions.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level

You have a passion for yoga and want to deepen your practice. So what’s the next step? A training course designed not only to teach you the asana (poses) but to introduce meditation, pranayama (energy breathing techniques), Bandha (stabilising body locks) and philosophy to help you bring harmony into your life – and into the lives of others.

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1 ON 1 Yoga

Eager to take your yoga even further? Our one-on-one classes are the perfect way to advance your practice safely and fine tune your form for even better results. They’re also an excellent choice for rehabilitation as we work in conjunction with your health professional.