Member Spotlight – Jeanine

Elixr’s Head of Yoga, Martine, sat down with one of Elixr’s long-term members Jeanine Brown and asked her about her time at Elixr and how the club has allowed her to explore her passions in both yoga and Pilates.

“My time at Elixr has reshaped and adapted many aspects of my fitness and yoga journey and Elixr has always had something to accommodate my needs. From my early days of Iyengar through to my present vinyasa and restorative yoga preferences.”

For Jeanine, the yoga and pilates programs are huge highlights.

“Martine is such a genuine caring teacher who does everything with the utmost integrity. The present yoga team are exemplary! Having Vicki on board atm is a real treat as she is one of those teachers who is constantly educating herself and everyone who comes to class. Over recent years I have completed some yoga trainings myself and have a very keen interest in the practice. Don has been really supportive of my exploration.”

“I have also learned so much from the many dedicated Pilates teachers, it’s something I really appreciate since I’ve always struggled with stability and strength. Rachel has been a constant support and Jenn’s attention to detail is extraordinary.”

Coming into the club is something I always look forward to.”

You’ll find Jeanine in the club most days.

“Elixr is a friendly haven gorgeously decorated creating a lovely calm atmosphere. It would be hard to find another fitness centre with so much variety!”

The best part, Jeanine says is the way that Elixr makes her feel.

“So often I will come in with stressful thoughts and walk out with a sense of renewed positivity. Nothing Iike a heightened body mind connection to make life more enjoyable.”

Elixr Head of Yoga Martine and Jeanine