Member Spotlight – Mathew

Elixr: What do you do for a living?
I have been involved in the construction industry for over 4 decades both as a tradesman and a licensed builder.

While managing my own construction company I have dedicated my full time and attention to every project and always striving for excellence where second best wasn’t an option.

In the past 10 years, I have managed research and development of sustainable building systems made predominantly from recycled materials and waste and have developed training programs for the construction of sustainable communities.

Elixr: When did you join Elixr?
I was introduced to Pilates classes at Elixr and joined full-time in 2015 and felt at home from the first day.

Elixr: What do you love the most about the club?
Elixr was different from other gyms I joined over the years. It didn’t feel like a gym to me, it felt more like an academy for Pilates and Yoga with constant staff development.

A few things stood out for me about Elixr; a Peaceful holistic atmosphere, highly qualified and passionate staff, and the members are friendly and supportive.

It was my refuge and a healing place where I could get away from a busy work schedule and get rid of the stress that comes with it.

Elixr: When did you start practising yoga?
I started my yoga practice three years ago. The Fengshui principles are well utilised and give me good energy throughout.

After trying a few different yoga styles I’ve found Ashtanga to be best suited for me because of its dynamics and the breath work associated with the practice.

Ashtanga Mysore has added additional benefits to the whole experience and has helped me to regain my strength and long-lost flexibility.

A big thank you to all the Ashtanga teachers at Elixr for guiding and supporting me every step of the way in my journey to self-discovery.
My life has changed for the better since joining Elixr.

Elixr: How do you balance your busy schedule of work and your practice?
I’ve learned to prioritise things aligned with my values and I’ve learned the power of gratitude for the things I’ve been taking for granted.

I am an early riser and love coming to Elixr early every morning without missing a bit.

This habit was developed over many decades of managing my construction sites, being the first man on the project and the last man to leave.

Since discovering the benefits of Ashtanga I have changed my priorities in life to accommodate my daily Ashtanga practice and I am grateful for the opportunity given.

Elixr: What would you say to new members?
I encourage new members to give every teacher at Elixr a chance to share their experience and their wisdom.

Every teacher has a unique delivery method with gold nuggets to offer to new students who are willing to learn.

It’s never too late to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Always show up, don’t give in and don’t give up are very useful principles to follow.

Elixr: How do you stay fit and healthy?
The only way to know your strength is to embrace your weaknesses first.
I am learning to live a healthy life by incorporating many practices into my daily routine.

I start with a cold shower and meditation every morning at 4.30am Ashtanga at 6am, steam bath, fresh organic juices, water fast.

Gratitude and peace of mind are the most important principles to me.