Member Benefits

Elixr Member Benfits

Your Elixr membership opens up a world of rewards not only enrich your experience, ensuring you get the most from your time at our Bondi gym with us, but your knowledge and wellbeing, too.

Here’s what your Elixr membership unlocks:

Pilates Classes

Over 150 Pilates classes each week. Including Mat, Refromer, Jump, Props, Challenge and Circuit.

Yoga Classes

Over 50 yoga classes each week with 9 different yoga styles to choose from.

Group Classes

Over 40 Group Exercise Classes including Kickboxing, Spin, Dance, and Weights Classes.

Aqua Classes

Over 10 Aqua classes and many more self led lap swimming spots.

Workshops and Seminars

Drawing on the knowledge of our team of wellness professionals and partners our seminars and workshops leave you feeling inspired, enlightened, and revitalised.

Teacher Training

Elixr membership holders enjoy a discount when enrolling in Pilates Reformer and Matwork courses. T&Cs Apply.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers have extensive experience and are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.


Our resident therapists have the expertise and care to support your health and wellness goals.