Discovering The Path To Yoga

In celebration of International Yoga Day, we decided to dive deeper into the journeys of our Elixr Yoga instructors.

We wanted to uncover the stories behind what inspired them to embrace yoga and transform their lives through this ancient practice. Join us as we explore the personal tales of passion, transformation, and dedication that led our instructors to become the guiding lights they are today.

Terri: When I first started practicing yoga, I flirted with many different styles. But as my practice matured, I found myself drawn to Iyengar yoga. This style seemed to be a natural fit for my body type. I happened to be in a class taught by a very senior Iyengar teacher. She made me aware of my body type and slowly started helping me get stronger and more stable using props and wall ropes. Eventually, she asked me to join her teacher training program. I was able to progress and gain my Iyengar certification and have never looked back.

Domenica: In my early 20s, I loved physical exercise. Then from the moment I walked into a yoga school and stepped onto a mat, I touched a quality, a connection that satisfied all layers of the mind-body.

Peter: I saw a picture of a hippie doing a headstand in his beautiful hippie house and I just loved this picture. So that’s what got me started in yoga. I wanted to learn how to do a headstand.

Martine: I had always been curious about what everyone was doing in yoga, especially how calm and well they all seemed when they came out. I decided to try it out and fell in love with the practice. It really has no beginning or end; the more you do, the more you find. It’s really a practice for your whole life and lifetime.

Kerstin: I was going through a particularly difficult phase of my life when yoga was recommended to me. I attended some classes and realised that I felt so much better on days I practiced yoga, compared to those I didn’t. I felt drawn to return to the practice of yoga again and again. It soon became my life support that I treasured very much. Over the many years that followed, my interest only deepened and I found that yoga had so much to offer, including the many health benefits and spiritual aspects. Today, I still enjoy diving deeper into all aspects of yoga. Even though I teach yoga, I will be a student of yoga forever.

Yuki: Reason I started yoga: Curiosity. I was living close to a studio. In summer, when they had the windows open, I’d see curious things like feet up in the air in the middle of the room. I used to wonder what that was about and eventually went to try it and was surprised to find it to be a very intelligent kind of exercise that left me feeling terrific.

Felicia: I was 10 years old; my wonderful grandmother was looking after me in the afternoons while my mum worked. As our family was going through trauma, Gran started looking at activities to help, so she enrolled us both in the local community hall’s senior yoga program. It was run by a student of Swami Sarasvati, and we got all her videos to do at home. I was instantly hooked, doing funny tongue-out breaths and hand gestures and chanting. Mum started doing the videos at home with me and it became a way for us all to heal and connect to each other and our bodies. I used to teach my classmates at school during lunch breaks, and I remember helping them relax felt like a superpower. So I wrote in my yearbook that I would be a yoga teacher.