Instructor Spotlight: Estefania

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey in the fitness industry. What inspired you to become a fitness instructor and how long have you been doing it for?

R: I started dancing 10 years ago. It started as a hobby but after excelling at different styles, such as commercial dance, street jazz, hip hop, reggaeton, contemporary dance and gymnastics, I started performing in shows and competitions. I came to Australia and after completing my English course for 6 months I decided to study Certificate IV in Dance Teaching with the dream of “turning my passion into my career” (I remember this is how the school advertised the course). I completed my course in May 2021; however, I was just working in hospitality at the time.

In December 2021 I took a dance class in a gym where I was a member and the instructor noticed my talent straight away. The instructor referred me to the Talent Acquisition manager to express my interest as a dance instructor at the gym.

This event was the biggest impulse I had to start my work experience as a dance instructor.

I reached out to the Talent Acquisition team and sent my CV, qualifications and videos of my dancing. I didn’t hear back from the gym manager until March 2022 when she sent me an invitation to attend a big audition event.

After 1 week of the audition, I received the good news! I had been selected.

I have been teaching dance for almost 2 years now, and the last 5 months in Elixr. My biggest motivation is helping ANYONE to feel the passion of expressing themselves through movement regardless of their age, skills, or level.

Do you do anything else for work other than teach?

R: Yes, I am a graphic designer and my last full-time was as an administrative assistant (not fun at all haha).

What aspects of fitness are you most passionate about, and how do these passions translate into your approach to teaching and motivating others?

R: I am passionate about the human body’s capacity and the fact that we can create art with our body movement. When teaching I try to always transmit my passion in every single dance move, no matter how easy or complex it is. I try to keep others engaged by creating uplifting dynamic routines that allow people to explore their own body capacities and I always mention that they can add their own style to it.

What do you love the most about being an instructor?

R: Bringing the clients a positive and enjoyable experience in their day.

Many people set fitness goals as part of their New Year’s resolutions. How do you approach goal setting for yourself, and what advice do you have for our members as they embark on their fitness journeys in 2024?

R: The way I am setting my fitness goals for 2024 is by focusing in specific achievements every 3 months, it includes physical conditioning and dancing skills. I am currently. studying the cert. III in fitness so all the knowledge of my course is helping me to create my training plans.

My main advice for members would be to find a way to keep moving their bodies and find 1 activity that they truly enjoy keeping moving their bodies throughout the year.

Also, prioritising performance goals rather than aesthetic goals has a more meaningful impact on maintaining focus on their goal, at least in my personal experience.

How would you describe your training style? Are there specific fitness class styles or techniques you enjoy incorporating into your workouts?

I enjoy combining 3 main types of training in my routine:

  1. Strength training (weight training)
  2. Cardiovascular training which I do mainly with my dancing.
  3. Mobility/flexibility.

What is your favourite class to teach? Dance Fusion (it is the only class I am teaching for now)

Fitness is a holistic journey. What are some of your favourite ways to maintain overall well-being outside of structured workouts?

R: Gratitude and self-acknowledgement, as well as accountability. 

Who in the fitness industry or beyond inspires you? Are there any role models whose approaches to health and fitness resonate with you?

R: I have multiple role models in fitness but the main one would be Sascha Fitness, who is very famous in the Spanish-speaking community. She is my motivation number one because of her work ethic, the concept of fitness as a lifestyle not a trend and the fact that women can also lead the fitness industry while being feminine.