Instructor Spotlight: Jason

Meet Jason, one of our newest Reformer Pilates instructors. Read how he used Pilates techniques when performing as a classically trained clarinettist and what made him take the leap to sign up for our Elixr School of Pilates.

Let’s dive straight into your journey. You’ve been a member of Elixr for quite some time now. Could you share with us what initially drew you to the studio?

J: I have been a member of Elixr for about 7 years, mainly enjoying the facilities for yoga and Pilates classes. Previously I did lots of yoga at other studios and have always swum in the ocean and smashed a few balls on the volleyball court.

Your background as a musician is quite fascinating. Can you tell me a little about that and how do you think your experiences in music have influenced your approach to Pilates?

J: As a classically trained clarinettist I have spent my lifetime thinking about technique, breathing, posture, focus and creativity. I studied (and then taught) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, which led to touring across the world, performing in renowned festivals and concert halls. I still perform with Sydney new music group Ensemble Offspring and many others, and have performed with luminaries such as Gurrumul, Neil Finn, Steve Reich, Mike Patton, Shaun Parker Dance Company, and the Australian String Quartet.

The Pilates classes at Elixr function as a warmup for me, before I get into my private music practice, rehearsals, and teaching. Despite years of study in my craft as a musician, I found the Elixr Pilates classes taught me more about body awareness. The classes also bring me calmness, confidence, and precision when I perform on stage. There is something about the satisfaction of completing a Reformer class that brings positivity and a belief in my abilities when performing. When I tour these days, I miss the classes with passion.

It’s interesting to see how your background in music translates into your approach to Pilates. Now, let’s talk about your decision to pursue Pilates teacher training at the Elixr School of Pilates. What prompted you to take this step, and what was your experience like during the courses?

J: Studying at the Elixr School of Pilates never really registered with me to be honest. I always saw the posters and read the info in the newsletters, but never thought it was for me. Not sure if that was because I enjoyed being a participant rather than being a teacher, or maybe I just didn’t have the vision. The light bulb moment really came from encouragement from Elixr teachers, and I started to see a path. The covid lockdown was obviously a quiet time for creatives, and so the vision became a reality.

The Pilates teacher training courses at Elixr are excellent on every level. Every student I came across had a love of the craft, and desired to know more about it. I formed strong bonds with many of the students who attended the course. I especially enjoyed the varied ages, expertise, and career paths of the participants. For me, it gave me in-depth knowledge on each exercise, and filled the gaps on many things I either never questioned or plainly just didn’t understand. It wasn’t a breeze by any means, one must study consistently and practice a lot, especially those muscle groups. The teaching was informative, friendly, firm, and focused. I didn’t do the course with a firm desire to teach classes, but by the end of the training you just want to keep growing.

Now that you’ve completed your training, you’re about to start teaching Pilates classes at Elixr. How exciting!

J: Yes! I begin teaching Reformer at Elixr in late March. I hope to bring at least a fraction of the expertise I have received from the present team, who all offer consistency, yet have their own personal style. Maybe there is a little pressure to have some good music in my classes, but I think I will enjoy spreading my passion for Pilates and encouraging all to be the best they can be.

Jason’s Bio

Jason is a long-term member of Elixr turned Pilates instructor. He is also a classically trained clarinettist, touring the world spreading joy with his music. A lifelong interest in breathing, posture, technique, performance, and creativity, makes the marriage between music and teaching Pilates a perfect fit.

Jason Noble Pilates Instructor & Clarinettist