Little Rockets



Our Little Rockets program is designed so that your Little Rockets can zoom through the water safely and smoothly. We teach our safety elements of Roll To Breath and Roll To Swim, without parents in the water.

We keep our class sizes small with only two children per class to maximise their swimming time. If your child is not toilet trained, swim nappies are still required. Additionally, swim caps and goggles are necessary and can be purchased at reception.



Weekday: $330 – Weekend: $360

Little Rockets Enquiry Form

Please fill in the form below and our Swim School team will be in touch as soon as possible.

We kindly ask you please fill in one form for each child.

What should we pack?

Here is a list of essentials for your Little Rockets:

  • Tight-fitting Aqua Nappy plus a spare if not toilet trained
    (washable or little huggies)
  • Swimming Cap
  • Goggles
  • Towel
  • Snacks for after your lesson

Elixr Swim School FAQs

What makes Elixr Swim School different?

We have been teaching swimming at Elixr since 2005 during this time there have been a few things that set Elixr Swim School apart as a premium swim school.

Firstly, the tranquil atmosphere of Elixr Health Club provides the ideal nurturing teaching environment with our warm, salt, magnesium pool & state-of-the-art filtration/disinfection systems ensuring high levels of hygiene. Secondly, our swim program with small class sizes has been carefully crafted over time encompassing tried and tested practices to get your children water-safe and swimming. And thirdly, our nationally qualified instructors focus on improving technique before increasing distance to ensure that those children who progress to higher levels do so with the correct technique in place for a lifetime of swimming.

Why does Elixr Swim School have memberships and direct debits?

Our direct debit system is quick and convenient and automatically re-enrols children at the end of each 10-week lesson cycle. This means that parents no longer need to remember to do so and are therefore no longer at risk of losing their preferred class day and time. Our direct debits are on set dates each term which is the 15th of March / June / September / December of each year. You will automatically be charged as part of your membership agreement unless you cancel via email to swim school and receive a response to say your membership has been cancelled.

Does Elixr Swim School follow school terms?

We run on 10-week terms regardless of school holidays (public or private) we take full-term bookings only unless you start part-way through a term. During school holidays we run private swim programs, for a reduced private fee, your child will have a super boost to their current skill set whatever the level.

Can I book classes for all my children on the same day?

While we do our best to book lessons for swimmers of the same family as close together as we can, this is not always possible given that weekday classes for non-primary school-age children take place in the morning, while those for children in primary school take place in the weekday afternoon. Weekends are a blended age group but are highly sort after.

Do you offer a trial or free assessment?

Often people request a trial thinking to trial a class is the best way forward. Like giving a new food to a baby/child it can take a few goes to enjoy the new flavor and that’s sometimes the same in swimming / new environments. Alas this can create a few teething problems, here’s why we don’t do trials

  1. We do not offer trial classes as we believe it sometimes takes more than one class to grow a love for swimming. Swimming is about repetition and fun; this comes with continuous swimming to build a safe and happy swimmer.
  2. The great thing about Elixr Swim School is we keep our class numbers extremely low leaving us few gaps for trials, which leads to better quality classes in the long run.
  3. For the swimmer/s already in the class it can be disruptive to have a new person popping into their class for trials which leads perfectly to the below information about make-up classes.

Do you provide make-ups, credits, or refunds for missed lessons?

We do not conduct make-up lessons, we know some people see them as a great benefit and possibly a good level of customer service but more often than not this is not the case. On the bright side if your classmate in the little rockets age group is away it means you get a private class as we only have two children per class, this is far more valuable than a make-up class, then in the afternoon sessions this can also often happen in the early levels swim star classes.

We do not provide credits or refunds for missed or unused lessons. For lessons missed due to public holidays or pool closures, these will be in-house credits to come off future lessons unless you have cancelled then they will be refunded at the end of the current term.

What is your cancellation policy?

Elixr Swim School takes full-term bookings only unless you start part-way through a term.

You need to provide written notice of cancellation five (5) business days before the next quarterly billing 15th of March / June/ September / DecemberYou must notify Elixr Swim School in writing of your intention to cancel and receive a response. Membership will then be cancelled immediately if the above notice is provided.

Note that a cancellation fee can apply depending on the date of your cancellation request as below:

  • No cancellation fee: If your membership is cancelled before the direct debit date for the following term. 15th March / June/ September / December
  • $33 cancellation fee: If your membership is cancelled after the direct debit date but before the start of the term.
  • $66 cancellation fee and will be charged for all lessons up to this date: If your membership is cancelled between the first day of term and the last day of the fourth week.

Do I need to supervise my child at the pool?

Children under 14 – Parents/guardians are required to be present before, during, and after their child’s swimming lessons. No acceptances until the age of 14 years.

Children aged 14 and above – Parents/guardians are not required poolside. Your child can be dropped off/collected or make their way to/from the swim school.

Can I take photos or videos of swimming lessons?

Families wishing to film or photograph/film their child at the swim school must consult with the Swim School office staff before using cameras of any description; this way we can respect everyone’s privacy in and around the pool. Changing rooms, toilets, showers, or other sensitive areas is strictly zero tolerance policy for cameras to film and photograph.

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