1 on 1 Adult Swim Lessons


Our qualified swim coaches are available for one-on-one swim lessons. The lessons are tailored to your specific needs and are suitable for absolute beginners or experienced swimmers. The 30-minute classes are one-on-one with an Elixr Swim School Instructor coaching from the poolside.

Packs are available through ‘My Membership’ on Elixr’s GymMaster App or under ‘Purchase’ on the web portal. If you have not purchased a lesson pack, the lesson will be charged at the single lesson rate. Swim lessons have a 12-hour cancellation policy. Booking fees apply.

Swimmers must wear a swim cap and follow all pool etiquette rules.


Our Elixr swim coaches are ready and getting started is easy!

  • Book your 1 on 1 adult swim lesson using our member app or web portal.
  • Make sure to bring and wear a swimming cap and appropriate swimwear.
  • Use the showers at the pool to wash off before you enter the water.
  • Meet your swim coach poolside and discuss your goals.
  • Enjoy your lesson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, bookings are essential for all Private Adult Swim Lessons. Bookings open 10 weeks in advance and close 1 hour before the lessons starts. You can see all available sessions on our timetable here. Please note: If you require an instructor with you in the water, please book an instructor assisted class.

How long are the lesson?

Our qualified swim coaches will guide you through a 30 minute private lesson which focus on your specific requirements regardless of skill level.

What do I need for my lesson?

Please bring a swim cap, towel, goggles, water bottle, and an open mind. We ask all swimmers to follow the Elixr pool etiquette rules when in the pool.

Do you offer memberships or lesson packs?

Yes, you can book one off sessions or buy one of our packs and get a discount.

All 1 on 1 Adult Swim Lessons Packs have a 6-month expiry from date of purchase.

Do I need to be an Elixr member to attend?

No, all members and non-members are welcome to book in for Private Adult Swim Lessons.If you are not an Elixr member, you can sign up here.

What temperature is the pool?

We aim to keep our water temperature at 30 degrees, this ensures that members and staff stay warm and content while they’re in the pool.

How do you maintain your pool water?

We are committed to keeping our pool clean and we manually check the water six times a day, alongside regular independent water testing from a laboratory. Our pool is equipped with state-of-the-art filtration and disinfection systems (salt/magnesium generated chlorine plus a UV system to clean bugs chlorine cannot) which monitors chlorine/PH/temperature levels by the second and adjusts chemical dosing as required throughout each day.

Do you have Elixr Swim School for children?

Yes! You can find out more information on the Elixr Swim School here.


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To enrol your children in Swim School please find more information here.


Elixr Swim School is committed to teaching people of all ages, fitness levels and experience to swim. And whether you’re exploring our Learn to Swim program for babies and toddlers, or private lessons to improve your technique, our team of qualified swim instructors is there to teach tried and tested programs that emphasise confidence, individual progression and above all, safety.