From Workplace Blues To Loving Life: Jenn’s Journey

Pilates Instructor Jenn De Jesus is no stranger to large life changes – from moving continents to changing careers, she’s been there, done that, and with her latest career change she loves the life she has right now.

Jenn had worked in banking and loved the thrill of a great day, but it was a high-stress job with little non-financial reward – and ultimately the thrilling days were few and far between. She practised Pilates for her own enjoyment for nearly 20 years and when she was having a bad day, she often found herself thinking, “I wish I could just be a Pilates instructor”. She always had chronic lower back and neck pain and then she suffered an acute injury in her right hand that put her out of work for three months.

She started to question her longevity in the industry and the value of a dollar compared to her health and happiness. After being treated poorly by her workplace for six months, she left and booked the course the next day. And she’s never looked back!

Jenn thrives on the amount of positive energy and appreciation she receives from so many people daily. “It’s truly inspiring, empowering and gratifying to see how people change over the length of a class, but also over months and years of practice – and to see the positive effects that exercise has on the body and mind.” said Jenn when asked about what motivates her while teaching Pilates.

The smiles, the thanks, but also the balance and ability to walk her dogs by the ocean in the middle of the day or take an hour to read a book at the beach and enjoy life are a few more reasons why Jenn is so happy she took a chance and booked her studies with Elixr School of Pilates.

When asking Jenn how she feels after years of her career change, she said “I literally cry with joy about how much I love my life now.”

Jenn likes to bring fun and a sense of humour to her classes, but also a personal and professional awareness of the importance of technique. She knows that even the most minuscule difference in alignment when executing an exercise can make a massive difference in how your body feels during, and even more so, after, in everyday life. Gaining this knowledge from the Elixr School of Pilates is what sets a part our amazing instructors from others.

We asked Jenn what advice she would give to someone looking to make a similar life change and she responded, “If it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, if you think the grass is greener elsewhere, do it!

As my flatmate from New York said to me when I had the opportunity to move to Australia 20 years ago, if it doesn’t work you can always go back.” And we agree!

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Jenn De Jesus

Jenn has now become one of our highly qualified teacher trainers for our Elixr School of Pilates. After her first teacher training session, she walked out feeling super energised and on cloud nine. Engaging with students tested her knowledge, that she knew she had, and brought it to life. Seeing how her Pilates career is evolving, Jenn is more excited than ever to continue down this pathway.

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